Mother to Baby

The unique feature of the Me2U device is the transformation into a separate baby monitoring and name tagging device on the birth of the baby.

The mother or care worker removes the Me2U device, peals back the velcro strap to reveal the baby monitor fastenings, unclips the sensor pod and removes the baby monitor device. Audible sound and flashing LEDs confirm the baby device removed and communicating with mother device via Bluetooth connection. The babies name can then be written on the device for idenfication and is securly attached to the baby’s ankle.

Additional Design Considerations

The solution could be exteded by integration with additional cloud services and conforms to Unicef design principles

Cloud and Web Services

Anonymised data export to a cloud service for each pregnant woman and subsequent baby with summary view of health, CO levels, and activity data across regions, and nationally.

Meeting Design Considerations

The Me2U is self-contained device; replaceable battery, integral sensor pod for HR, activity/breathing, & CO level, along with simple presentation of data via coloured LEDs and in-built audible alarm.