Interaction Design (IX) defines the structure and behavior of interactive systems. Designers strive to create meaningful and emotional relationships between people and the products and services that they use; from computers to mobile devices to products, appliances and beyond. It often involves interpreting complex interconnected tasks and transforming them into intuitive, accessible and easy-to-use designs for all kinds of persona's-from the first-time user to the sophisticated expert.


It builds on the foundations from User Research and often coupled with UX Design creating user flows, information architecture (creation of structure, hierarchy, and taxonomy) for a website, application, or other product, that allows users to understand where they are, and where the information they want is and producing wireframes (blueprints of the design layout & interaction) to build complete user interface mockups and prototypes.


At each stage, you seek to anticipate what users need in the context of the interaction, what the right features are for the right people. You become an advocate for the user to ensure the final product meets their expectations but also surprises and delights users.


PURE Connect music streaming mobile App re-design project generated an improved IA, navigation, content layout, user interaction, and visual style. Typography was also updated to create a contemporary, elegant style that could easily be supported by web and mobile. A pivotal aspect of the project was the creation and evolution of the Information Architecture and to provide a step change in user experience a new visual style was created with alignment to the brand promise and based on the following principles:

-Convey the elements of music choice, emotion, and humanity within an engaging/accessible, smart, modern, and elegant style through use of colour and movement,

-Create a balance between expressive content and functional control,

- Present a distinctive, but not unfamiliar effective, modern, and progressive design style. This included use of dynamic colour to convey musical mood, emotion, and expression





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