Research and insight seeks to deliver knowledge of competition, markets, brand execution, customer behavior, user problems/needs. It is inherent in a user-centered design approach that supports business goals, and involves both quantitative and qualitative techniques to add context and insight to the design. To be successful a design not only has to delight users, it needs to provide a better experience than competitors, meet the expectations of the target market, and fit within the business strategy.

In-depth Interview:

Designed to discover underlying needs and requirements from users, and can lead to new insights and design opportunities.

Focus Groups:

Group participation can stimulate wider discussion but care needs to taken to avoid bias.


Useful for validating qualitative research and to understand satisfaction levels with existing designs and solutions.

Ethnography/Diary Studies:

observes users in their own environment or collection of thoughts, actions and feelings recorded as they occur, in order to understand natural behavior. The outputs from ethnographic/Diary studies can deliver illuminating observations.


Vodafone Discover project created an iOS smartphone and tablet concept app based on quantitative (questionnaire) and qualitative (in-depth interview, focus groups, ethnographic study) user research to inform the design. It started with interviews of key stakeholders and user focus groups in 3 different countries to understand and articulate the business objectives and user needs around smartphone and tablet behavior, and provide insight for the concept design. More quantitative data on specific user habits was gathered using questionnaires, and ethnography research was used to help create personas.

The designs lead to the creation of a responsive native application development to deliver a fully working proof of concept application for iOS and browser to showcase the tile approach, interactive style, content types, and link to the Vodafone live Discover content management system to present different content according to user tariff, preferences and context. This became the basis for the My Vodafone App launched in several markets.





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